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Medora Corporation's long-distance circulation technology has evolved to become the world's most proven, self-sustaining technology for water quality improvement in recreational lakes and drinking source water reservoirs. Cyanobacteria blooms and their associated toxins (also known as blue-green algae or CyanoHABs) are quickly becoming the #1 threat to water quality across the world. SolarBee & GridBee equipment have a proven track record combating CyanoHABs with a success rate over 90%! SolarBee SB Series Solar Circulator

SolarBee installations are a scalable solution with applications in virtually every type of lake... from one acre to 10,000+ acres… from very shallow to depths over 100 feet! Sometimes the whole lake is treated and other times just the high-value portion of the lake is targeted.

A "try-before-you-buy” rental program and annual service plan are also available!

A SolarBee machine can be customized for either epilimnetic or hypolimnetic circulation depending on the needs of your lake. These forms of circulation are mutually exclusive and if both are needed, multiple machines would be required.

Epilimnetic Circulation Graphic


Epilimnetic Deployment focuses on “top water”, above the thermocline circulation. Not only has this type of circulation been shown to help prevent and control CyanoHABs, but also the reduction of taste and odor problems in drinking water, improved water column dissolved oxygen levels and pH levels, & curtail fish kills.

Hypolimnetic Circulation


On the other side of the coin, Hypolimnetic Deployment concentrates on “bottom water”, below the thermocline circulation which can help resolve iron & manganese issues, sulfide odors, arsenic, methylated mercury, and internal loading of phosphorus and nitrogen.


The question is, "Which path is your lake on?"
Once a lake starts developing water quality problems, they usually get worse each year in both severity and duration.

Here are possible courses of action:

Do Nothing: Sometimes this is the only approach possible due to a lack of funding to restore the lake. If this approach is taken, care should be taken to monitor water quality and post no-contact warnings when CyanoHABs are present.

Quiet Lake

Chemical Application: Constant application of chemicals is another available option. This can appear to be a quick & simple solution at first glance but it has its drawbacks. It is very expensive, potentially toxic, and not very effective for the long term. Herbicides generally devastate the lake ecology by killing everything including "good” bacteria and non-target organisms. This in turn releases a flood of nutrients from dead organic material which can cause a worse problem several weeks later which again leads to more herbicide and so the downward spiral continues. Another proposed solution may be sequestration agents such as alum to stop "internal loading" or re-cycling of phosphorus or nitrogen from the sediment. Despite various claims of the industry and its advocates, there are very few lakes worldwide (perhaps less than 10) where any longer term benefits were obtained from this approach; however, in certain applications, chemicals, herbicides, and algaecides can be a useful tool.

Adaptive Systems Approach: There is no miracle pill when it comes to water quality improvement and maintenance. Sometimes the answer to your lake problems may reside in multiple technologies and practices. Chemicals, manufactured wetlands, and other management processes may be needed as part of a well rounded, multi-pronged approach. And at the center of this, SolarBee can provide all the circulation needed for maximum benefit.

Recreational Lake Installation

SolarBees are the one in-lake solution proven to be sustainable & affordable while providing constant progress in restoring a lake to good water quality. Many customers tell us in the first year that their lake looks better than it has in decades, and the lake continues to get even better every year after that.

What's the payback? Of the nearly 400 lakes SolarBees have restored worldwide, about 50% of them are source water for municipal drinking water plants. In many cases, SolarBees have paid for themselves in the first year by carbon savings in the drinking water treatment plant and/or chemical savings in the lake. Some have reported savings over $500,000 per year in plant operating costs compared to before they installed SolarBees!

SolarBee Lake Rainbow

In recreational lakes, homeowners & lake-users are enjoying better swimming, fishing, and boating with higher re-sale property values since installing SolarBees!

SolarBees provide 24 hour operation completely off solar power, digital logic for power management, no infrastructure requirements, and fast system design.

They can be delivered and factory installed in 4-8 weeks!

Standard and optional equipment includes:

  • High-wave configuration for rough water / high wind environments
  • Coast Guard approved beacons
  • On-shore SCADA monitoring
  • Anti-jam and self-cleaning capability
  • Machine operation data logging
  • Programmable seasonal run times
  • Algorithms for various latitude

There are many other unique and necessary features to provide reliable, safe circulation and all the associated benefits for your reservoir! We have the best warranty in the industry with some machine components warrantied for 10 or even 25 years! And all SolarBee equipment is designed for a 25 year life.

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